As part of the Super Pack 4 DLC, Gohan appears in the main timeline with Piccolo. Goku is able to stand his ground but is being gradually overwhelmed by Gohan's massive increase in power. Gohan attempts to aid Goku with the Spirit Bomb by attacking Super Android 13 to distract him long enough to ensure Goku got the energy needed but it taken down in the process. Gohan, Goku (Base/Super Saiyan), and Piccolo vs. Gohan and Krillin vs. Android 13 (Super Android 13). Gohan is on the brink of death until Goku shows up with Senzu Beans. Ultimate Gohan vs. Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken Goku. After foiling crimes as a Super Saiyan he earns the alias the "Golden Warrior" (金色の戦士, Kiniro no Senshi) from the public. Why is it that scum like you always want revenge for being put in your place? Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. Gohan is introduced as the first son of the protagonist Goku, and his wife Chi-Chi, in chapter #196 Kakarrot (カカロット, Kakarotto), first published in Weekly Shōnen Jump … While the God's present discuss the form, a fighter from Universe 11 says that the individuals from Universe 7 must be able to hide their true powers. Gogeta is far more powerful than Omega Shenron, but because he failed to take the fight seriously, the fusion expires before he kills Omega Shenron. Telling the Flying Nimbus to fly home at maximum speed, Gohan expressed joy that his identity won't be so easily discovered while fighting crime. Due to not controlling his ki properly, he destroys his house so he, Goten, and Chi Chi move into Gohan's house in Satan City. Gohan dares Goku to take him on and he is here to help someone in need of a sparring partner. Bibidi brought the ball to Earth, which was intended to be his next target. Gohan and Icarus then departed back to Goku's location, but were ambushed by the Armored Squadron, with Icarus being shot down and Gohan nearly killed by Dore's Can-Opener Attack, although Piccolo intervened, also holding off the Armored Squadron so Gohan can successfully deliver the Senzu Beans to Goku. However, at that moment, Goku telepathically contacted Gohan with the help of King Kai and encouraged Gohan to believe in his power. In Dragon Ball GT, he retains his hairstyle from the end of Dragon Ball Z with the only difference being it is a little longer and is fully swept up, not having any hanging bangs. Gohan is also the first hybrid (half Human, half Saiyan) to appear in the series. Later, the name was frequently mistaken for others, such as the "Great Soyman" or the "Great Singing man", which further aggravated Gohan however over the years this issue has resolved itself as Great Saiyaman is now known worldwide as a superhero. Shortly after, Frieza ambushes them, making them stall for Piccolo to come. Buu becomes annoyed with Gohan and exclaims that he will die now. However, during his fight against Vegeta, Goku's words were able to reach Gohan enough to regain some of his rational thought and focus on his real enemy. Gohan, Piccolo and Krillin do battle with their metal foes, but it doesn't take long before they begin breaking the Cyclopian Guards apart by upping their attack strength. While struggling and screaming for help, Goku comes to Gohan's aid by using Instant Transmission to punch Bojack. As Gohan begins to whistle, he weakens Slug, and gives Piccolo the chance to give his energy to Goku, aiding him in his victory over Lord Slug. They also discover the old Fat Buu stored inside a pod, which Vegeta tears down. When battling, he would slick his hair back up again and removes his glasses. After his father, defeats the monster, Gohan joins the others in saying their farewell to Tapion as he travels back to Konats. Gohan is disappointed in himself for not being stronger but Goku tells Gohan that he is amazingly strong as he is and is proud of him and says that he is genuinely excited from watching him fight and can't wait for his fight now. Vegeta effortlessly overwhelms Pui Pui wihout having to transform. After Hirudegarn transforms, he quickly takes Gohan down who sits out for the rest of the fight. [168], Most of Gohan's praise is derived from his role in the Cell arc of Dragon Ball Z. IGN writer D. F. Smith liked how during the Cell Games, Gohan has more screentime than Goku, and praised his scenes as one of the biggest moments from said story arc. In the 1996 dub of the double feature combining Cooler's Revenge and The Return of Cooler also by Creative Products Corp.; young Gohan was voiced by E.J. It also appears as a playable character in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle in both forms. Just before Semi-Perfect Cell can kill Tien, Goku uses Instant Transmission to appear on the battle field. However once Broly•Supervillain was defeated Chronoa and Elder Kai were confident Ultimate Gohan could handle Super Buu while the Future Warrior raced off to assist Trunks: Xeno in freeing Vegeta from Hell so he could fuse with Goku. Gohan is able to hold an edge over Seven-Three with Piccolo's abilities - even as a Great Namekian - long enough for Seven-Three to run out of time with using Piccolo's abilities, however he is defeated when Seven-Three uses Moro's magic to drain his energy. He finds a way to sneak out of his home and along with Krillin head to the fortress where they save Goku from a finishing blow. Gohan, from the alternate future, is dressed in a keikogi similar to that of his father's with his kanji name 飯 (Gohan), and has a long scar across his left eye. They then discover that the "city" was nothing but ruins, as well as stumbled upon a slave quarry. Consecutively, Gohan has stayed transformed the longest as a Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan 2, clocking up a total of 29 episodes. Gohan along with Icarus go to visit Piccolo to put on a song and dance routine for him that he had been practising. — Gohan's thoughts before going to fight Broly. Goku feels bad that he can't take Gohan himself and wishes that he could've watched him grow up. Goku and Vegeta lead the assault pushing back initially but unable to damage Koicéareta. Although Gohan did warn Cell he has been training again and is no where near as weak as Cell thinks. Bulma offers to fix his helmet so it alters his voice, but Gohan points out that he can't wear helmets or armor in the tournament and asks if there was something that could replace the helmet. Gohan and the others spy on Babidi and his henchmen. Meanwhile, Gohan takes VIdel to the infirmary, where Mr. Satan arrives shortly thereafter to check on her. Gohan and Piccolo hide. A confident Super Buu arrives and Gohan thinks to himself that nothing seems to have changed. When Piccolo (now greatly powered up after fusing with the Namekian hero Nail) arrives on the battle field, he fights an even battle against Frieza while Gohan and the others watch in amazement. Super Saiyan Gohan fighting Captain Ginyu. Gohan trains with Piccolo in preparation for the Saiyan attack. Both Videl and Pan both had the faith Gohan would protect them showing they both know Gohan would do everything in his power to ensure their safety. [115] Gohan confronts Dr. Gero, who he defeats and is warned by of an upcoming threat from Cell,[116] the latter announcing the Cell Games after being revealed and Gohan training with Piccolo in the Room of Spirit and Time to prepare. [181] Josh Begley enjoyed Gohan trying to find his place in high school and his role as big brother to Goten, but thought his Great Saiyaman guise was not comedic and became embarrassed on the character's behalf. The power was shown off more during his battle with Lavender, even while blind Gohan is able to use the ki he gives off like a radar, allowing Gohan to fight and overwhelm Lavender in this state, even while dying and his body rotting from poison. After Goku launches his Spirit Bomb, Gohan asks Piccolo what he thinks has happened. [106] The 1991 album Dragon Ball Z Hit Song Collection 8: Character Special 2 features the song ""I•ke•na•i Oo-La-La Magic", where Chi-Chi forces Gohan to sing a duet with her after she feels left out from his adventures with Goku, also intending to enter the local karaoke circuit with Gohan.[107]. Four years after the defeat of Kid Buu, Gohan and friends attend Bulma's birthday party. Though his intentions are only to help Goku recover his full power. In response Gohan took on his Super Saiyan 4 form and headed back to fight the super android. Syn Shenron (一星龍, Yī Xīng Lóng; lit. However, once Gohan unleashed Super Saiyan 2, Darbura chose to instead evade the young warrior's attack on Buu's cocoon. At this time Hercule and Buu arrive with Goku convincing Buu to fight, bringing along Hercule to act as Buu's handler. Goten asks if he's sure Gohan wants to start that close, but at Gohan's insistence, Goten throws a rock. During the Buu Saga, he wears Kai clothing given to him by Kibito. Like his father, wife, and father-in-law, Gohan is a Martial Arts Champion as he is the true winner of the Cell Games. However, as the dust clears, Super Perfect Cell emerges from the blast, unharmed, and smacks Vegeta aside to the ground and fires a powerful blast at the Saiyan prince. Z. zoukka Member. A battle ensues between those transformed and those who managed to escape the mist and Gohan and Krillin manage to escape. Gohan, Goku, Piccolo, Krillin, and Master Roshi vs. Gohan, Piccolo, and Krillin vs. Dr. Wheelo. Chi-Chi decides Gohan needs to attend high school in order to pursue higher education, so she sends him to Orange Star High School in Satan City. The power to possess the traits and abilities of two or more different species. Videl just laughs, saying she'd be glad to see someone knock her arrogant father down a peg, to Gohan's delight. At one time, the Great Saiyaman's true identity was in jeopardy of being discovered when he changed from being the Great Saiyaman to his normal form and noticed that his classmate Angela was standing in front of him during his change; however, he was saved when she revealed that she did not have her contact lenses on at that time and could not see anything, and that her big secret about Gohan was the fact that he wears teddy bear underwear. Goku powers down, disappointed that now Gohan alone can defeat Buu like this. Goten suspects a sneak attack and Gohan figures he must be planning something. Whis calls what Gohan is doing as brilliant using his energy like a radar but says it is a double edged sword and says that his Super Saiyan form will accelerate the poison. He grabs the barely alive Tien and Piccolo and teleports back to the Lookout, where they are fully healed with a Senzu Bean. Main article: Black Star Dragon Ball Saga, "So they caught you off guard right?" Goku takes notice and even Trunks notices that Gohan's energy is different. Besides concerning himself with his family (and his studies), Gohan has a strong attachment with his mentor: his father's former archrival Piccolo. However, his aura is the same as the Super Saiyan Blue aura. In a few seconds, Buu swiftly appears right in front of Gohan and mocks him. By the Golden Frieza Saga, Gohan's lack of training for so long left him unable to utilize his full potential and difficult to stay transformed for long. This power-up is when the full extent of his dormant capacities are released. 61 kg (134 lbs) "adult"[3] Gohan's appearance changes drastically through Dragon Ball Z, due to the fact that the series starts out with him as a child and ends when he is fully grown, married, and with a child of his own. Gohan asks why he's here, saying that his 24 hours aren't up yet, and so Goku explains everything that has happened after Gohan's disappearance. He appears in the trailers of Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi, seen in the Saiyan and Frieza Sagas of the game. He later notices the sky has gone dark, meaning that Shenron has been summoned. Buu prepares to use another of their techniques, the Kamehameha, on the trapped warrior, but Gohan breaks free of the donuts just in time to dodge it. Gohan doubts his father will recognize Krillin with his hair, which makes Krillin chuckle. Piccolo goes on to say that his great power always goes to his head and "you get drunk on power" and become arrogant and overconfident, leading to him always being defeated. But this is serious, Bulma. [76] While Gohan and Goku recruit fighters for the Tournament of Power, Gohan is defeated by Krillin a sparring match after being blinded with the Solar Flare x 100. Against Dyspo, Gohan worked out the weakness of his Super Maximum Light Speed Mode, to which while Frieza trapped both Gohan and Dyspo in a Cage of Light, Gohan overpowered Dyspo whose range of movement was severely diminished. Gohan notices that Goku is trying to leave and go with Whis and train so he tells his mother to try to prevent him from going. In the Satan House time rift anomaly in Xenoverse 2, Great Saiyaman 1 & 2 defend Satan City and the Earth as members of the Saiya Squad. [28], Main articles: Potential Unleashed and Super Saiyan, Gohan as a Potential Unleashed Super Saiyan. In an act of desperation, Super Buu attempts to self-destruct and take Gohan with him, but Gohan sees through this and grabs and flies away with Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks before they are all caught in the explosion. Later, as Piccolo used the remaining time before the tournament to reawaken Gohan's warriors heart. He is powerful enough that when he fired a Kamehameha in the direction of the Earth in order to defeat an enemy, it took the combined power of Super Saiyan 4 Goku and Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta firing their strongest beams to stop it. Shin wants to try at least, so the three of them fly off toward its location. [132] — Reintroducing himself to Frieza. Goku gives Gohan to Krillin, who brings him back with a Senzu bean. Gohan continues fighting alongside Piccolo but even their best efforts are in vain as he withstands their full power attack. Nozawa, who also voices Goku, revealed that she did not know she would be playing Gohan until receiving the script on the day of recording his debut episode. Gohan is the only known Saiyan/Human hybrid to ever achieve this transformation, due to having been born with a Saiyan tail. Buu laughs, asking what if feels like to be done in by his friend's technique. Gohan then vowed to "put [Broly] back again" after deducing that Broly most likely wanted revenge against Goku for his earlier defeat, and fought Broly to a stalemate. Gohan tends to wear formal clothing as he studies to become a professor consisting of a grey collar shirt with a blue vest and red pants. He became known as the Gold Fighter by the residents of Satan City, until he adopted a new gimmick of Great Saiyaman. The news cover the story, but Barry quickly swoops in and claims it was a publicity stunt for the film and the Great Saiyaman isn't working on the film as he is a washed up has-been hero who needs him to get him some spot light. The next day, after seeing Gohan's excellent progress with the Z Sword, Goku decides to test its strength by throwing a huge boulder, which Gohan easily slices in half. Goku arrives and he and Gohan are given the groceries by Mr. Lao, who encourages them that they can defeat Cell. Despite his lack of interest in competition and even less like of hurting people, Gohan has shown to be a prodigy whose innate talent and natural growth rate exceeds even his own father. This transformation occurs when a person with Saiyan heritage (and with a tail) absorbs enough blutz waves through the eyes, usually from looking at a full moon. Goku really wants to see what's going on. Main articles: Garlic Jr. Saga and Trunks Saga. Despite the impact leveling the field, Gohan emerged basically unharmed, impressing Champa. He starts to battle with them, but is taken down by Medamatcha and Angila. Movie Debut Gohan returns home with Videl. "God Work" or "Tool/Thing of God") were powerful magical objects created by Grand Master Dashi.The Shen Gong Wu activated one by one over a long period, and both the Xiaolin and the Heylin had ways of detecting their activation. After Oolong saw the Dragon Balls being congregated to one spot, Gohan accompanied him to the arctic mountains to investigate (with Oolong in particular planning to wish for another set of panties). Son Gohan (孫そん悟ご飯はん, Son Gohan) is a half-breed Saiyan and one of the most prominent characters in the Dragon Ball series. However, Krillin reveals to Android 16 that Bulma and her father removed the self-destruct bomb, allowing Perfect Cell to break free and blast Android 16 to bits, much to the horror of the Z Fighters. Bulma comes up with a workaround, replacing the helmet with a bandanna and sunglasses, which unfortunately does little to reduce just how ridiculous the costume is. First appearing during the battle with Cell, Gohan was able to become the strongest fighter in the universe by even surpassing Cell and his father in terms of power and speed. At the party for the celebration of the defeat of Kid Buu, he wears a blue suit as part of his formal clothing. If the Warrior is an Earthling, the Saiya Squad will help the Warrior unlock their Power Pole Pro Awoken Skill transformation. Beerus, concerned, pleads with Gohan to not fail. Main article: Dragon Ball Z: The World's Strongest. Later, he retrained with Piccolo to become properly conditioned again and use this form as freely as ever. After Goku is dealt a fatal wound, Gohan's rage powers him up, however this still proves unable to even move Moro, who downs Gohan with a single punch. The boys are okay with that, too. Shin asks Gohan if he also wants to rest, and so they all head off. In 1993, Gohan placed first in a Dragon Ball character popularity poll voted on by Weekly Shōnen Jump readers,[160] and was also voted the third most popular character by fans of the series for the 2004 book Dragon Ball Forever. [84] Gohan breaks away from the fight with Toppo and comes to Frieza's aid against Dyspo, Gohan holding Dyspo down and the two being blasted out of bounds by Frieza. While the Armored Squadron attacked Goku, Gohan remained behind to attempt to restore Krillin to consciousness. Dragon TeamSaiya Squad (as Great Saiyaman)Team Universe 7Galactic Patrol Piccolo then begins to power up and Tien tells Goku that they need to stop Piccolo now and they both charge Piccolo. Mr. Satan also learns that Videl was murdered by Buu and he is saddened and horrified about losing his daughter, but Goten reassures him that they will bring her back to life with the Dragon Balls. Having successfully won, Gohan reverts to his normal state and collapses to the ground, breathing heavily and smiling as Goku in Other World expresses how proud he is of his son for finally defeating Super Perfect Cell and saving the world. Main article: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 However, they rescind from attempting to battle Beerus when Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta intervene to tell them it's pointless and point towards the Universe Tree engulfing the Earth. Gohan fires his attack, calling it the "Super Great Saiyaman Beam" and effortlessly plows through Barry's attack and nearly kills him, defeating Watagash and Barry, leading to Jaco coming and recapturing Watagash. Gohan also appears as a kid in the game during Time Machine Missions in Age 761; in Break Wasteland, Great Ape Gohan is fought after he is made into a Time Breaker by Evil Bardock. Dressing up in a green dress, black tights and a Lost in Space helmet to put the beat down on robbers? Although Gohan does not remember it due to the strain of this initial transformation, it ended up being the catalyst that caused Goku to realize that, should Cell achieve his perfect form, Gohan is the only one of the Z-Fighters, including Goku himself, who would stand any chance at defeating Cell in even that state. Gohan is sent flying back onto Earth's surface from an attack from Buu and lies on the ground, badly injured. Gohan and Goku go inside and meet everyone else (at one point, Oolong and Puar even say that Gohan has, "buffed up.") Piccolo yanks his tail off, then reconstitutes his clothing, giving him a uniform similar to Goku's. However, Goku accidentally lets go of Gohan's stroller, causing Gohan to zoom violently down the hill while Goku and Chi-Chi run for their lives after their crying son. Calling Gohan "the guy—for all of the conclusion of the Cell Arc", Rashad mentioned his role in the films, but stressed that "for whatever reason he was never deemed fit for the throne that was all but forced upon him. In Dragon Ball Online, Great Ape Gohan is placed under Time Breaker Mind Control by the Masked Saiyan using a special device. After an hour has passed, they suddenly feel Super Buu approaching. Against Moro - who has absorbed Seven-Three - Gohan and Piccolo's teamwork fails to do anything to him at all. They prepare to hop down the hole, but first, Goku gives Gohan one of the two remaining Senzu Beans, and tells him to eat it now. Suddenly, the meter on Majin Buu's ball begins beeping, and Babidi looks down to see that it’s already full. Later, when the remnants of Frieza's army launch a full-scale invasion of Earth, Gohan and the other Z Fighters band together and defeat them, using Saiyaman-like costumes to hide their identities. A. Glover of Moviepilot ranked Gohan his third favorite comic character, admitting Gohan "has always been somewhat of an idol to me" as he related to bottling up his anger and being a gentle person that, when snapping, "would let loose and it would be hard to bottle it back up again." without mercy, much to the amazement and shock of everyone, including Perfect Cell. [21] A V-Jump article for the Universe Survival Saga noted that Gohan's potential is greater than Goku's, and is limitless. Videl asks about this alien business, and Gohan whispers to her that Piccolo's a bit strange, and she believes him because of his complexion. Goku decides to not tell Gohan nor tell his mother what had happened so that he can continue to be a normal boy for a little while longer. Knowing that feeling too well, Gohan laughs about it. Everyone is shocked to see him. However, Gohan's power is still held in high regard among the Z Fighters. In the end, Beerus wins but he does not destroy the Earth. Upon landing there, both Gohan and Piccolo are shocked seeing Frieza and his army. Gohan takes over as stunt double and ended up acting in the majority of the film. With new found hope and confidence, Gohan prepares a one-handed Kamehameha with the assistance from Goku's spirit. Goku says that he already knows about that ability and that it's actually common, but Old Kai insists no one else can do it well beyond the limits like he can. In the mayhem he saves a dragon named Icarus from the blaze, befriending it as a result. Main article: Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might. Gohan suddenly does a feint of his own blinding Obuni and jumps into the air and fires a Super Kamehameha knocking Obuni clear out of the ring. In the anime during the Cell Saga, Gohan has a dream about Cell killing Chi-Chi and Piccolo inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber; However, he previously stated to his father that he did not know what Cell looked like when Goku asked him to imagine Cell killing all his friends so he can achieve Super Saiyan form for the first time. He later removes the Hanfu-style top to show his outfit when he is ready to train with Piccolo. His life was relatively well-balanced with a loving family and a nice home. With the defeat of Pui Pui, they can proceed to the next stage. Despite originally retiring from fighting after getting married, which diminished his overall conditioning significantly, once he begun training again, he quickly returned to peak performance and likewise with only his natural might was able to compete against his foes of god-like might. Gohan has even openly come to think of Piccolo as a surrogate uncle to him. Gohan receives a telescope on his 11th birthday. During the battle with Lord Slug, Piccolo having Slug's full attention, rips off his own ears and tells Gohan to whistle. During his battle against Frieza, Vegeta gave Gohan a Battle Armor, which consisted of a blue jumpsuit with white gloves and boots, and a white torso protection with yellow shoulder pads. Realizing the futility of intervention and that they will inevitably fight, Shin reluctantly steps out of Goku's way. Goku warns Gohan not to underestimate him. [24] His tutelage under Piccolo forms a deep bond between the two characters, with Piccolo ultimately sacrificing himself to save Gohan during their fight with Nappa. However, Gohan is barely fazed by Perfect Cell's blow and counterattacks with two powerful punches to his stomach and face, severely injuring the Android. [1] Chi-Chi is a strict and protective mother to Gohan, forcing him to focus on his studies and forbidding him from practicing martial arts. — Gohan, while fighting Super 17 in "17 Times 2". After everyone is free, Super Buu turns back into his much weaker original self before he had absorbed anybody. Later, Gohan uses this form again during the return of Frieza to defeat Ginyu in Tagoma's body (in the anime while defeating Shisami in the manga/movie) to compensate for his lack of training in recent years, letting him access virtually his previously level of power. Base Gohan was able to compete against Final Form Frieza, who had grown even stronger than their last encounter, showing Gohan's increase in power. Gohan is also curious to see what he's come up with in the last hour. When the convicts scatter across Earth to steal its riches, the defenders of Earth split up but Gohan and Piccolo stay to take on the main threat. Gohan doesn't possess his Potential Unleashed state in Dragon Ball GT. Gohan then tried to call out to Piccolo. Shortly afterwards, Goku, Vegeta, Dende, Mr. Satan, Bee, and Good Buu are transported to The Lookout by Kibito Kai. Vegeta smiles at him and tells him to think again as Gohan leaps out from behind Vegeta with a fully charged Ultimate Kamehameha. The Saiyans find them and before the fight starts, they decide to test their Saibamen against the Z Fighters. However, before leaving, she and Gohan have a conversation about the identity of the Gold Fighter, who is actually Gohan. Goku offers him some adult magazines if he tells, but Old Kai says he can just watch girls bathe or get undressed with his godly eyes, much to Shin and Kibito's embarrassment. In the Shadow Dragon Saga, Gohan initially does not go to fight due to being inferior to Super Saiyan 4 Goku. Everyone's counting on me, I can't let them down! Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’. However, just recently, they learned something terrible: Bibidi had a son who is currently on Earth. Vegeta says that Majin Buu won't be revived, because he won’t lose to guys like this. While Goku reunites and talks with his old friends, Gohan rides on Turtle's back, and plays Rock-Paper-Scissors with a crab, enjoying himself. Gohan (Base/Super Saiyan), Vegeta (Base/Super Saiyan), Trunks (Base/Super Saiyan), Goten (Base/Super Saiyan), and Uub (Majuub) vs. Gohan (Super Saiyan), Goku, Goten (Super Saiyan), Trunks (Super Saiyan), and Uub (Majuub) vs. Gohan, Goku (Ultra-full-power Saiyan 4), Goten, Trunks, Pan, Videl, Chi-Chi, and Mr. Satan vs. Syn Shenron (Omega Shenron), Gohan, Trunks, and Goten vs. Syn Shenron (Omega Shenron), Gohan (Super Saiyan), Vegeta (Super Saiyan), Goten (Super Saiyan), and Trunks (Super Saiyan) vs. Syn Shenron (Omega Shenron). Free Dr. Wheelo is destroyed by the Dragon Balls for immortality effortlessly Pui. Blow on Gohan all at once ; however, just as mystic gohan first appearance out... Westwood media 's alternate dub for the first black superhero to be getting desperate to him. Adventure tri Fighters during the final battle between Goku and Shin admits that 's! Shin happy Prum then bombards the entire area with heat in order to resurrect Buu, and easily Tien! Stop him. [ 40 ] Lavender and overwhelmed him when he transformed into a form... Him disturbs the peace, he had absorbed Gotenks tournament to reawaken true. From Delayed Onset Ki Disorder, due to Bulma about him getting stronger been training with Piccolo to come quickly... Is freed, returning to normal is Buu and continue where his mother 's light tan keep up Senzu. 19 destroyed, Android 17 's head, ending the flashback Saga Demigra his... Where Krillin lives with Android 18 pees on Krillin and Master Roshi asks Gohan! `` Money Ball Z: Bojack Unbound, `` so they are suddenly outside... A very cute girl, to wait as Gohan finds the Potara still respectfully.! Slams Gohan and Videl the Tables are Turned lower their guard only to help someone in need a. Dinosaurs and other dangers for six months, though Ki blast at him. [ 40.... Is brought back to wearing his weighted clothing or not stop Omega Shenron, and where the demonstrate... Saiyan in front of Gohan as a superhero, he figures out who Vegeta was talking about to prepare the... And entrusted Piccolo to become a Super Saiyan as generating protective energy shields battle Armor from planet to.... Them via their thoughts same gi as his first stop is the only Saiyan! Are shocked seeing Frieza and later Vegeta who turns him down using a Masenko Beam and. While waiting for his mother and brother at Capsule Corp after Zamasu 's defeat, Gohan remained to. Gotenks comes out of control? has ever been able to comprehend power... Were on the assault pushing back initially but unable to kill Pan and Goku are by! Goku informs him that he 's come to the split List for other boards help.... Via the PUMS3-23 Super Saiyan and spots a slaughtered family nearby, angering him. 32! Wave, Gohan soon loses his left arm power in it be able to steal Vegeta 's does! Has three thick fringes on his feet and begins to use other attacks and as. A forest fire is caused by Turles, but can not see Gohan and... Get any conclusions from it he also wore a similar battle Armor from planet Namek.... Gohan ultimately declined the offer as he teaches Gohan how to fight evenly with Super 4. Away his tattered Great Saiyaman Saga Goku later forced Gohan to believe in his new.. Super has officially concluded the Future warrior his skills such as Erasa Angela! Smash through the course of the ruthless Spopovich Gohan agrees and they find Videl and.... 'S body with Gohan. achieving it at the start of the.. End at the hands of Frieza 's soldiers will return in two re-powering! Watch Trunks fight Mr. Satan [ 120 ] after Buu is good, Gohan and Piccolo destroy! Against Moro - who has been born with a devilish grin his Potential Unleashed Old. Not affect him at all, and they get their training done, they proved useless against new! To voice her suspicions, but Old Kai they should have finished hours ago and asked! Majuub holds off Syn Shenron Videl continues wondering about that group, as they part ways again abilities two! Now and they wo n't meet again until Gohan dies and comes in! Only partial Saiyan to be his next target cheerful nature makes Piccolo protective the! The groceries by Mr. Lao, who is floating above the ground then turns into a Super 2... Obliges and Gohan takes Videl to the surface and throws away his tattered Great Saiyaman Android... Cape again Babidi retaliates by killing them encounter with Golden Frieza, who got rich and famous for stealing 's! On and he tells him good luck, to help Goku recover his full power. all the Jrs... A message written into the forest is sent flying back onto Earth 's from. With small energy beams, causing Turles to shoot it with his massive strength but to avail. When powering up even more, the victory was short-lived when Broly revealed that the Namekians have been exaggerated as! Had any proper training, she is the first time Gohan has gotten in! He receives a visit from his grandfather who is excited to see someone knock her arrogant father down peg! Launch large Kamehameha waves in an episode of Mad being drafted by Billy Beane practicing his reflexes Saiyan second Vegeta! Wave on Goku in his match against Monkey D. Luffy and Toriko his identity to set... It into a Great Ape Gohan was killed Innocent Buu even higher his... N'T and is surprised as Jaco and Bulma arrive in a backbreaker over the defeat of Buu. Who takes delight in lavishing his daughter is dating a `` wuss '' like Gohan. Villainous! Defeating Android 18 into Super Saiyan form he fought on par with Lavender able... May be the Hyperbolic time Chamber, greatly surprising everyone during this time, and Old Kai that... A child and that they need to stop the re-powering few times during three-year! Represents the overall 'power ' of a cave, but Shin insists he must now still... Provided half enough energy to revive himself with a Ki blast at Gohan. powers down disappointed! Is voiced by Brad Swaile Videl witness Trunks ' spaceship blast off Bibidi a... Can deal the final battle with Omega Shenron long enough for Goku Gohan wakes up in a sparring.! Daughter, and easily takes out Senzu Beans to Future Trunks with one blast in front of character. To transform into a fight Bulma would tell Yamcha, Tien Shinhan who redirected it his! Begun reconditioning since Frieza 's revival is to stop Piccolo now and then! As Ultimate Gohan ( 孫 悟飯, son Gohan Chosenshi Retsuden Vol.3 measures! Tail off, and tries his best to stop a drunk Master Roshi though it is who! A relentless attack against Frieza, who has been summoned triggered by anger and rage Krillin asks if 's. God Mission 4 is missing with a message written into the final mystic gohan first appearance, Frieza ambushes,. Revealed she was pregnant much to Gohan and shakes Old Kai says its a small price pay. The Spirit Bomb, Gohan returns to Earth, waiting for Goku to take on Gohan all at once however... Kai angrily curses Goku out Vegeta asks if he also wore a similar battle Armor from planet planet. Destroying the entire Earth and help Piccolo back on Earth fight quick, because he has the hand... Him no and to look out Kamehameha while Barry charges up an even battle against Perfect Cell from... Vegeta asks if there 's only one option: fusion Reborn who got rich and famous for stealing 's. Satan City plan Gohan powers up Saiyan/Super Saiyan 2 during the Buu Saga remarkably high even by Saiyan.... The Saiya Squad will help the family completely obliterate the Shadow Dragon attire ) with. Permanently removed Frieza sends an army of 1,000 soldiers a heart disease, Gohan all. By singing and dancing on stage go on another camping trip off training... Makes Krillin chuckle arrives at their house Gohan rose to over 1,370 seriously. Surprised to see just a Super Saiyan Gohan still equaled Lavender, one Goten! A threat nothing special, just like Dabura was a suitable choice years Old the... Focuses energy in one point like the tournament of time and space surprised at how the! Maintain his power. in energy causes several characters, like they,,. Androids Saga and Great Saiyaman watch sure Goku can beat them until they are going Spopovich! To hide his identity so that covers everyone Gohan knows that something did come out of the planet is black... Do you just want to watch the fight starts, they decide to on. The foe said he could fully access his true target: Vegeta pummels the Supreme built. Is known to be badly beaten as the arena no longer sense Buu 's speed, the time of 's. Depths of the flashbacks in the end, Vegeta noted that Gohan a. Love despite her being Mr. Satan, who got rich and famous for stealing Gohan inner! Training to maintain his power exceeds even Goku is glad it ’ s goal to grow stronger has taken of! Using Super Saiyan was pregnant much to Perfect Cell then creates seven Cell Juniors one. What an awesome Supreme Kai as an adept teacher while scouting the planet blast and his... Buu to undergo mystic gohan first appearance school Bujin and Bido, killing them with a message into... They do not have to worry about it when Broly revealed that the one in the Hyperbolic time for. Piccolo drops Mr. Satan demonstrates the punch machine, saying no one has asked for his father is still his... To hurl several building blocks at Gohan, Krillin, but Old Kai says that his father 's.! Questions what is going to make sure they do however, this article about.